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Julie Jenson

Course Tutor, MA Industrial Design
Central Saint Martins
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Julie  Jenson


I am a writer, researcher and strategic designer. After graduating from Carnegie Mellon University with a BA in professional writing, visual communications and psychology, and I started my career at Intel Corporation designing interactive systems and new media experiences, producing the US’s first interactive digital TV trials with PBS and Ken Burns. I moved to the industrial design industry in the UK in 2005 and founded a 20-person design consultancy (named Precipice), working with clients such as Bang & Olufsen, Wrigley, Kohler and Electrolux and building a set of methods and practices called meaning-centred design.

Today, I am a director at The Hidden Depth, conducting research that integrates psychodynamic techniques and semiotics to go deep into the mind and wide into the cultures we inhabit. At CSM, I work with MAID second year students on methods for identifying opportunities, framing projects and researching design. With Massi Tedeschi and Jeff Tutt, I co-direct The Generation Poetry Project, exploring new communication systems emerging amongst younger people.

Across my work, I use a blend of social science, emotion science, communication and technology expertise to extend the richness of human experience and deepen our intimacy. I have a particular interest in questions of health, and how our understanding of our bodies and emotions changes our sense of wellbeing alongside clinical and public health outcomes. My personal creative work centres on the patterns we make with words, fibre, secrets and promises.


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