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Central Saint Martins

Emilie Grenier

MA Material Futures Alumni
Central Saint Martins
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Emilie  Grenier


Emilie Grenier graduated in 2013, she now works as a narrative designer.

Final Project

Disquiet Luxurians explored alternative trends for the production and consumption of rare and luxurious objects. It led me to propose a new definition of the current state of luxury, one which (re)places most emphasis on meaning, craft and provenance.

The resulting collection focused on the material feldspar – the world’s most prevalent mineral which makes up 60% of the Earth’s crust. In designing a scenario in which it gains uniqueness, I transformed this otherwise meaningless rock into a series of post-luxurian artefacts, and in doing so challenged the gilded concept of rarity.

The Course

I interpret ‘material futures’ as an open-ended interrogation. In itself, the term commands debate and tinkering. Stemming from both academic and design/making perspectives, it suggests the pursuit of less tangible systems to be brought into reality. It advocates new types of collaborations and proposes a new interface between disciplines previously closed off from one another.

I was interested in the course’s design-led research methods and mission. Focusing on the future of design, the course was also closely tied to my own practice and aspirations.

Work Experience

The Material Futures ethos strongly encourages cross-discipline collaborations. Throughout my MA, I have met, worked with and been inspired by many different experts who have helped forge my design identity.


Be ready. To change and to be changed. To work hard and then harder. To conquer your insecurities but to respect them in others. Remember to play. And to call your mum.


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