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Featured Arts Temp: Daniele’s experience working for Arts Temps as an international student

  • Written byArts Temps
  • Published date 28 September 2021

Coming to another country to study can be hard enough, but to also try and find a job as an international student can be tough but a rewarding challenge. Daniele Nolè came from Italy to study in London. We spoke to him about his experiences finding work with Arts Temps as an international student and how it helped him become a part of the UAL community.

You can also see our guidance for working with Arts Temps as an EU, EEA, Swiss or International student.

Why did you choose to study and work in London? 

I applied for a Masters at UAL because I wanted to study in English and really hone my language skills. London was the obvious choice in the UK because it’s the centre of the creative industries.

Before I came to London I decided that I wanted to both gain an academic degree and work experience that I could take away with me if I chose to move back to Italy. I felt that if I left London immediately after finishing my degree it would be like my mission was only half complete. I wanted to gain some practical experience while I was in London and Arts Temps was great for that.

How did you find settling into London life as an international student? 

It can be quite hard moving to the UK to study. I didn’t immediately gel with my course mates and you can easily fall into your own bubble where you’re not mixing with many people. I think it really took joining Arts Temps to help me come out of my shell a little more and make the most out of what UAL has to offer.

I got to know a variety of students from across the Colleges and I was able to explore all the different sites at UAL. It helped me feel more part of a larger university community, as I got to know more friendly faces who also regularly worked for Arts Temps.

So, would you recommend Arts Temps particularly to international students?

Definitely, it was nice to meet students going through similar experiences to me, you know, other people who need a side job to get by in London. It helps you to build an emotional support network, both from a financial perspective and as an international student – it can be lonely studying far from home and in a second language! It’s a great way to meet new people, it’s often quite fun as you’re learning new skills.

What skills did you gain working for Arts Temps?

What I think is great about Arts Temps is that you have an opportunity to develop your professional skills whilst you’re studying. I’d had a bit of work experience before starting my MA so I knew that it was important to develop specific skills which you aren’t necessarily taught in an academic setting.

As a student with English as their second language, I found it particularly useful to practice my English in a professional setting that was a little bit more relaxed and familiar. It gets you out of your comfort zone enough to really practice your skills, especially when you’re doing customer facing roles like the event assistant roles that I did when I first joined.

So now you’ve got your career started through Arts Temps, what are your plans for the future?

I’m not sure if I will return to Italy just yet, but if I do I think that employers will really value the experience I have working abroad. It shows that I’m adaptable to situations, that I’ve managed to live and work in another in another country with another language.

I would definitely like to stay in London for a bit longer to find new opportunities and improve my skills even more, and I’m glad Arts Temps was able to give me my start in that.

You can also learn more about Daniele’s experience and journey from his temp work to full-time employment in the UAL digital team running the University’s social media channels.

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