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How to get a job with Arts Temps

  • Written byAnanya Agarwalla
  • Published date 05 December 2021
Agnes Moricz 

Agnes Moricz is a dedicated Arts Temp, having completed almost 60 placements during her time studying. We caught up with her to find out from the expert how best to get a job with Arts Temps.

Hi Agnes, looking through your account you’ve done so many jobs with Arts Temps, what’s been your favourite?

There are too many to choose, I love Arts Temps – whilst being a student, Arts Temps has been my main source of income as I loved to try all available jobs. I can’t think of a time on an Arts Temps job where I have disliked being there because even if it’s not directly doing something creative, you are always surrounded by creativity.

Some of my favourite jobs have been supporting the events at UAL and evening lectures as I am getting paid to learn and meet new practitioners and researchers which is fantastic.

Has Arts Temps taught you more about the creative industries?

Yes, Arts Temps has provided me with more knowledge about the broader creative industry. Working on live exhibitions has allowed me learn the more about art industry in addition to the design side that we learn about in lectures.

Learning how to network with others within your department and industry has been my favourite skill learnt whilst being an Arts Temp as it has helped my confidence to grow while working

What advice would you have for current students and alumni when applying for a role with Arts Temps?

I believe the best way to temp successfully is to be nice to the people you work with, be precise and on time and be accountable for when something doesn't go the way it should have.

How do you think your work with Arts Temps has helped you find work after you graduated?

I currently work on a freelance basis, so Arts Temps allowed me dip my toes into lots of different industries. Now I know what jobs I would never want to pursue again, and what I should still keep my eye on. The jobs that are on the board are usually all very different and sometimes as a student you would not even know jobs like that existed. I keep my most important and interesting jobs on my CV when I apply these days, they give me a good foot to start a conversation off on. Not many can say that they have experience in a VR setting for example or even art installation management.

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