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Unlocking the power of AI for jobseekers and employers

Robot portrait by Eloisa Matias, Intro/Outro exhibition © Lewis Bush
  • Written byCareers and Employability
  • Published date 15 August 2023
Robot portrait by Eloisa Matias, Intro/Outro exhibition © Lewis Bush

Imagine your dream employer reading your cover letter and CV for a job you feel will launch your career to give you the life and opportunity you've wanted since starting University.

As the employer reads through, they happily tick every box on their requirements checklist and add you to the shortlist. Near the end, the employer feels a strong urge to contact you from your strong application.

Until they read a tiny tag at the bottom, ‘generated by Chat GPT’. Now the employer has mixed feelings on whether to contact you. Out of 225 applications, your artificial intelligence (AI) generated application was the 16th with the tag left in. It’s not the first time it’s happened to this employer. And it won't be the last.

This intriguing situation sheds light on how AI is revolutionising the job application process. Let's dive into what this means for both jobseekers and employers.

Turbocharging jobseeker's efforts and concerns

For jobseekers, applying for jobs is like having another job in your life. It can take up so much time and effort and when the result is hearing nothing back from employers, it can be disheartening.

AI is like a secret weapon. It turbocharges the application process by crafting CVs and cover letters in no time, saving precious hours. It also injects keywords that make CVs stand out in the eyes of employers. This means jobseekers have a better shot at catching the attention of hiring managers and moving forward in the process.

But hold on a second! There's a twist. When everyone's using the same AI, applications can start to sound a bit too alike. And sometimes, AI might sprinkle in some false information, which can be a big no-no. So, while AI is a great ally, jobseekers still need to put their unique spin on things and give everything a once-over to ensure it's all accurate.

Speeding up employer shortlisting

Employers get their share of benefits from AI too. It supercharges the process of scanning heaps of applications lightning-fast. AI uses its key word wizardry to sort out potential matches using filters and word strings. It also zooms in on any gaps in CVs that might raise an eyebrow. But even with AI in the spotlight, employers need to make sure the information they're looking at is top-notch.

AI, though amazing, isn't flawless. It could end up echoing the hiring biases that already exist within a company's workforce. This can mean a not-so-fair hiring game. To avoid this, employers need to set some ground rules for AI. While AI is a champ at checking for skills like driving licenses, it's still a rookie when it comes to spotting if someone's a culture fit or a smart decision-maker.

A harmonious chord between AI and the human spark

Here's the deal – AI is a rockstar assistant, but it can't replace human intuition. It's lightning-fast and helps to squash bias, but it can't decode personalities or make the big calls. That's why, even with AI in the picture, employers should still chat with applicants and tap into references before making the big decisions.

As AI weaves its way deeper into job applications, remember that it's a trusty sidekick, not a magic wand. Jobseekers can use it to slash through the time crunch, but they've got to add their flair. Employers can ride the AI wave to skim through applications, but their judgment is still the real deal. Together, AI and humans can make job applications the ultimate success story.

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