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Your creative rights. New Intellectual Property (IP) module

Illustration by Lizzie Reid (Instagram: @lizzies_lines),
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Careers and Employability
Published date
15 February 2021

What do your creative rights mean to you?

Careers and Employability is excited to launch a new online Intellectual Property module designed with creatives for UAL creatives. ‘From idea to industry: valuing your creative rights’ is an introduction to Intellectual Property or ‘IP’, international legal rights protecting the financial and reputational interests of creators and innovators.

As we adjust to new ways of experimenting and engaging in a digital space, there’s never been a more vital time to understand how to benefit from IP. Your innovative thinking, ability to be flexible and ways of responding to current global challenges will make sure you are seen, heard and respected.

The resource aims to help you make informed decisions about IP as creators and producers of content, and take responsibility for the ethical dimensions of your work when working with others. It encourages best practice and respect of your own IP rights and the rights of others, rather than legal advice.

The module combines legal principles with key considerations and shared experiences from UAL students, recent graduates and others in the creative industries.

The resource is non-linear to mirror the evolving process of creative practice, meaning that you can access 5 sections- Creating, Protecting, Managing, Using and Sharing in any order as and when it relates to your practice. All 5 sections together take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete.

On completion, you will be more aware and confident of how to make decisions when managing your creative rights, collaborating with others and who to contact for further guidance.

Available to UAL students, you can access the module on Academic Support Online


Image Copyright: Illustration by Lizzie Reid (Instagram: @lizzies_lines)