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Meet the Mead Fellowship winner, Tim Boddy

Tim sits in front of a wall with prints of leaves behind them
  • Written byDuong Thuy Nguyen
  • Published date 24 November 2022
Tim sits in front of a wall with prints of leaves behind them

London-based photographer Tim Boddy received a Mead Fellowship to explore interior spaces and how they function in relation to identity for his research into the LGBTQ+ community in 2020.

Tim started to focus his research exclusively on this subject having recognised the lack and disappearance of contemporary LGBTQ+ spaces. In London, over 60% of dedicated LGBTQ+ spaces closed in the last decade.

After graduating with an MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from London College of Communication, Tim developed a project titled Queer Spaces: Behind the Scene, which spotlighted those who are treading new ground and celebrating diversity within the community. The project is designed to strengthen links between art, culture and spaces for traditionally marginalised voices.

In 2021, Queer Spaces became a Mead Fellowship-winning project winner. After a year of the project’s journey, Tim has featured seven profiles of LGBTQ+ groups with in-depth conversations and a diverse range of voices behind those collectives.

Careers and Employability sat down with Tim to learn more about how Mead Fellowship has supported him through his career and discover more about what he anticipates for his Queer Spaces project.

How did winning the Mead Fellowship help you?

Without the Mead Fellowship, I wouldn't have been able to undertake Queer Spaces: Behind the Scene. The funding helped enormously to help realise the project to a high standard, and having the structure, planning, and support has also been vital. Undertaking the project has helped build connections within the queer community, and given me further confidence to tell stories from within the community. I've also learnt a lot of skills along the way such as audio recording and editing, producing, and the ability to host and ask questions.

Would you advise others to apply for a Mead award? If so, why?

Absolutely yes, it's a great opportunity for any emerging artist. The application process is thorough, but it is thorough for a reason; if you have a strong idea and are able to communicate it, and show you have a plan to take it through to completion, then it's a wonderful opportunity. It can assist in getting your foot in the door for your creative pursuits.

Your Fellowship project is nearly finished, how's it going?

I have completed series 1 of the podcast - with all episodes available on major streaming platforms such as Spotify, photographs taken and published, and a website updated for each episode. I'm pleased with the variety of voices we were able to showcase on the podcast. We are to have a public event early in 2023 to wrap up the project, where it will be nice to host a public discussion on LGBTQ+ spaces issues while also acting as a celebration for the series too.

Mead Fellowships are run by Careers and Employability at UAL, final year students and recent graduates can apply for a grant of up to £10,000 to fund a creative project after graduating.

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