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Mead Final Project Winner Kiki Shervington-White

Woman watching a film with headphones
Woman watching a film with headphones
Kiki Shervington-White. Photo by Praise Manu.
Written by
Rochelle Gray, Creative Shift, Careers & Employability
Published date
13 December 2019

Kiki Shervington-White is a recent London College of Communication (LCC) graduate and Mead Final Project awardee.

Through the support of Creative Shift, Kiki recently jetted off to L.A. where her award-winning short film ‘GIRLS’ was screened as part of the Represent Film Festival.

Here, Kiki shares how winning the Mead Final Project Award helped her and how support from Creative Shift took her project to the next level...

How did winning the Mead Final Project Award help you?

Winning the Mead Final Project Award meant that I was able to access the resources needed to turn my vision into reality. I wanted to end my final project with a film and knew that documentary film was the best way to illustrate and explore my chosen topic. However, I was concerned about my level of expertise and the skills, travel and equipment required.

Receiving the Mead Final Project Award meant that I could travel to meet people, and most crucially, I was able to hire people with some of the skills I did not have, putting art direction into practice. This award resulted in a project that helped me achieve a First Class Degree in BA Design for Art Direction at LCC. Since then, I've been able to continue capitalising on this project.

Would you advise others to apply for a Mead Award?

I would definitely advise everyone thinking about it to apply for a Mead Award. Sometimes you see these opportunities but hesitate to apply because you think you won't get it; but without applying, you certainly never will. And when you do get it, it's an amazing feeling. It gives you extra motivation, as well as resources, to produce something to the best of your ability. It demonstrates that there are other people (a panel of experienced people) who think your idea is worth investing in, which builds your courage and confidence. Even if you don't get it, it's still a great opportunity to practice writing project proposals, budgeting and pitching your ideas.  So I would say to anyone, if you have an idea, please apply!

What have you been up to since completing your Mead Award project?

Since graduating, I have moved back to Birmingham, and I'm working part-time as well as doing bits of freelance design work. I've also been doing some travelling to Jamaica and the USA. Most importantly, after completing my Mead Award Project, I submitted the film I made 'GIRLS' into the Represent film festival in Los Angeles. It's a short-film festival 'dedicated to shifting the narratives told about people of colour through stories that reflect on our ever-growing dreams, realities and imaginations'. The festival is organised by the Anti Racist Classroom, a student-led organisation at the Art Centre College of Design. My film was selected and screened in LA and I was able to attend with extra support from Creative Shift.

How did the Creative Shift funding support you in screening your show at the Represent Film Festival in LA?

I really wanted to embrace this achievement and travel to LA, so I applied for support from Creative Shift to match the cost of my trip. I was lucky to receive this as it enabled me to meet other young black filmmakers of the African diaspora, but also to build connections in more corporate spaces like Walt Disney. The festival also included workshops and talks that were really impactful and made me think about aspects of my future in a new way.

What was your highlight of this experience?

It's hard for me to pinpoint one specific highlight. But I feel the most significant thing is that my film was selected by a knowledgeable panel - another confirmation that acts as a courage and confidence builder. When drafting my initial ideas for the final major project, never in my life would I have thought that people on the other side of the world would be able to watch what I had created. I'm grateful for the platform the Mead Final Project Award has given me, as well as the support from my tutors and peers. I'm excited and confident about what's coming next.

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