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#MadeByTemps: Laura Bianchi showing how Arts Temps can bring creativity to business

Work by Arts Temp to show creativity being applied by a temp
  • Written byArts Temps
  • Published date 19 September 2021
Work by Arts Temp to show creativity being applied by a temp

Now that UK businesses and organisations have the opportunity to recruit through UAL Arts Temps, we wanted to ask our temps how they thought hiring Arts Temps can help a business. We commissioned Laura Bianchi, MA Fine Art: Printmaking graduate to use her creative practice to show what Arts Temps can bring to a business and spoke to her about her work.

Can you tell me a little more about your approach to 'what can Arts Temps bring to a business’? 

I think the first thing that came to mind was that Arts Temps is an agency of creative people and the businesses that approach temps likely do so because they want to bring creativity into their work.

Therefore ‘creativity’ became the key word to follow when thinking about the brief. From there I started to think about what images conveyed creativity and I presented a few ideas to the team. I then started to work with colour and silhouettes and started to mash a few ideas together.

Could you tell me a bit about your practice?

I studied Fine Art at Camberwell College of Arts, but I’ve always been inspired by illustration and graphic design. After my BA I started selling work as an illustrator, entering competitions to develop my illustration portfolio.

I’ve been trying to juggle both Fine Art and Illustration but I’m reaching a point in my career where I’m choosing to specialise and focus more on my illustration career. This role and other commissions that I’ve been doing at UAL are really helping to develop my portfolio.

Work by an Arts Temp showing the many creative skills of a temp like the vitruvian man
The Vitruvian Temp by Laura Bianchi

What was your key takeaway from the project?

It was interesting to meet the other creatives working on the different #MadeByTemps briefs, to learn more about their practice and see how they approach their work. As a freelance illustrator and artist, it’s quite a solo world; it’s interesting to see how different people respond to similar briefs.

What other types of projects are you interested in?

I’m mostly interested in creative projects and entering competitions to send work into to help me develop my portfolio.

This project was great because I had real freedom to work take the work in the direction I wanted to go – it was a very positive experience.

You can see more of Laura’s work on her website and make sure to follow her on Instagram.

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