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#MadeByTemps: Mahesh Menon’s Arts Temps trailer

Arts Temp Mahesh Menon
  • Written byArts Temps
  • Published date 02 September 2021
Arts Temp Mahesh Menon

As UAL Arts Temps develops as a recruitment agency the team wanted a video to showcase the incredible creativity of their inspiring talent pool – and what better way than to do so by commissioning one of their own temps to produce a fabulous trailer. We caught up with Mahesh Menon, LCC MA Media and Communication student, who produced the video.

We are Arts Temps

Watch Mahesh's Arts Temps trailer

Thanks for speaking with us Mahesh, what did you like about this project for UAL Arts Temps?

As a filmmaker I enjoy making short-form, fast paced videos such as this show reel. I found the brief to be really clear and it gave me a clear direction to work towards, once we had agreed to the reference it made the creative process much easier.

The process was really collaborative, I worked with the team to finalise the script and once that was locked, I focused mainly to find the right clips and the editing process to make the piece engaging while being informative. It was a really fun project to work on.

In your video you were answering the question ‘what is Arts Temps’, what would you say Arts Temps is to you?

It’s not just a regular job, you get to do something that you’re passionate about and it’s amazing to get paid for doing something you love.

It’s great to gain experience working for a client and get a taste of how things are going to be once you graduate. As an international student from India, it was really valuable for me to have the opportunity to gain these professional experiences as a student. This project has given me the confidence and experience to start approaching clients in London.

Did this project help you apply the skills you developed from your studies?

On my course I learned to analyse digital media and how it has evolved. When I received feedback on the original cut being too long it really struck me how important it is to get to the point as quickly as possible. So, I’d say that was a key learning point and application of my studies – how to engage audiences and to use images subliminally and metaphorically rather than being overtly literal.

What type of projects are you interested in?

I’m a filmmaker and interested in both long format and short format storytelling. I enjoy making show reels such as this one and also narrative documentaries and fiction. This is a great project to show future clients. Arts Temps has been great for helping me gain a better idea about what it’s like to work in the creative industry in London.

If you want to find out more about Mahesh’s work check out his website:

Make sure to follow Arts Temps on Instagram to see the incredible work made by our temps.

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