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UAL students work with the Obama Foundation

Photo of Barak Obama
Photo of Barak Obama
Barak Obama at the My Brother’s Keeper meet-up in Oakland California
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Careers and Employability
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04 April 2019

Careers and Employability took a group of UAL students to Boston in August 2018 as part of a leadership exchange programme.

An Obama Foundation initiative, the exchange was part of Careers and Employability’s drive to shape creative leaders of the future.

The exchange saw 10 UAL students, (three travelling to Boston) who are the first in their family to go to University, working collaboratively with American counterparts. The two groups of students spent a week in Boston and then a week in London tackling a creative brief together.

The course – which was developed in conjunction with Jannett Morgan from the Leadership Foundation – was designed to help UAL students to apply their creative disciplines in leadership situations. UAL’s creative students were able to teach their American peers a range of new skills (including Photoshop, film editing and branding) and work collaboratively with them as one team.

“The skills, networks, and experiences gained made a huge impact on my life. There is a need to immerse young adults into programs and opportunities like this one. Not only did it shift my mind to the other fields of study but granted me an opportunity to see life beyond my neighborhood and horizon.”

Malachi Hernandez, one of the American students involved in the exchange.

The programme was an overwhelming success. The students were invited back to share their experiences alongside Careers and Employability’s Lawrence Lartey at the My Brother’s Keeper meet-up in Oakland California in February (18th -20th), where President Barack Obama was in attendance.