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Hybrid Futures Lab: Collaborate

The Hybrid Futures Lab is a collaborative platform that asks questions around techno-digital futures.

As a forum to discuss, interrogate and experiment with ways to respond creatively and critically to the challenges technologies present today, it thrives on building connections, alliances and partnerships.

We work with designers, philosophers, technicians, media theorists, artists, interaction designers, performers, engineers, software developers, coders, hackers, scientists. We are driven by a trans- and post disciplinary ethos, hybridisation, collegiality, and curiosity.

Previous activities

In 2020-21 the Hybrid Futures Lab co-curated the public programme Hybrid Futures during the Digital Innovation Season (Central Saint Martins, October 2020-January 2021) a series of events, talks, workshops and discussions on the theory and practice of techno-digital futures, in partnership with Three.

The public programme Hybrid Futures included a series of talks with leading-edge practitioners and thinkers around the interaction between humans and machines, and the international symposium: Re-Imagining Human-Machine Encounters.

  • Four speakers on a split screen live event

    Re-Imagining Human-Machine Encounters  

    Watch the symposium in full, with speakers Tobias Rees, Maggie Roberts, Memo Akten, Adam Nocek, and Nye Thompson, and a showcase of student projects for the Hybrid Futures Hackathon

  • The Extra Fuel
    [PDF, 10.3MB]  

    Our comprehensive impact report on the Digital Innovation Season and the Hybrid Futures programme. The report was funded by the Knowledge Exchange Impact Fund 2021

  • digital pixels in a variety of colours
    Digital innovation season
    Exploring Hybrid Futures  

    Betti Marenko shares her reflections on the Hybrid Futures series, a constellation of voices and perspectives on the contested relationship between humans and machines.

Watch the Hybrid Futures series

Manu Luksch

Dreams Rewired

David Benque

Diagrams for critical algorithmic practice

Ollie Palmer

Scripted Performances

Nicolas Nova

Repair as a Form of Innovation

Špela Petric

Of Algos, Plants and the Vegetariat

The network