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Beyond Knife Crime: the report

Written by Alison Frater and Lorraine Gamman, this report looks at how we can interrupt youth crime’s destructive effects and reframe the debate.

It outlines how creative projects with artists and designers, inside and outside criminal justice settings, are an essential element of multi-agency working and can contribute towards a public health approach. It looks at the necessity of investigating why creative projects, alongside others, are able to address the neurodiversity and mental wellbeing of young people, outlining how co-creation techniques can be crucial when traditional approaches fail.

The report recommends that, if we want to see transformational change, we must find a new way forward for youth violence policy that focuses on a multi-agency, design-led and systematic perspective, as well as a shift in decision making.

Cover of Beyond Knife Crime report


Interview with Alison Frater

Interview with Alison Frater, co-author of the Beyond Knife Crime report.