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Off the Shelf

Off the Shelf, photo: Jack Cole
Off the Shelf, photo: Jack Cole
Off the Shelf, photo: Jack Cole
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02 March 2017

For a second year running, staff and students of BA Jewellery Design exhibit their work at Vitsœ as part of Munich Jewellery Week.

Off the Shelf, 4-14 March, follows on from a series of projects where staff and students have displayed their work as equals in a celebration of the diverse and lively approach to contemporary jewellery and objects.

In approaching jewellery as a conversation between object and body, wearer and viewer, the course encourages students to explore a whole range of materials and objects imaginatively and expressively. Making a piece of jewellery is a response to observations, emotions and situations and allows possibilities for the role it can play within a social context.

We are thrilled to be returning for a second year, following the great success of last year’s show. Vitsœ offers both an international and intergenerational platform to showcase the diverse work of our staff and students, and is testament to the course’s exploration of skill, imagination and innovation in equal measure. The Vitsœ shelves provide a perfect setting for these objects.

Caroline Broadhead, Course Leader of BA Jewellery Design 

The vibrancy of thinking and experimentation explored by the staff and students is both energising and brave. It feels natural for Vitsœ to support, both in the physical and literal sense, as this body of work challenges our thinking of how we use our shelves.

Jennie Moncur, Creative Director at Vitsœ