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Pete Brooks

Acting Course Leader, MA Performance: Design and Practice; Lecturer, BA Performance Design and Practice
Central Saint Martins
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Pete  Brooks


I am a senior lecturer teaching theory and practice on the course. I have particular responsibility for the delivery of contextual studies programmes across all three stages of the course.

Statement of Practice (2009)

My performance research is of a practical and theoretical nature. I'm at present working on a research degree called 'Models for Performatives in Art Object & Actions'. I make performances, which are based on observing the drama of everyday life, collecting materials from culture and imposing them on physical and psychological space.

My work is an oscillation of matrixed and non-matrixed performance and includes improvisation, mistakes, fear, as well as premeditated designs and actions. I don't extensively rehearse my performances so I get unpredictability and a true reality of not being there before - the audience become both subject and object.

2008/09 performance work includes:

  • Demon Shopper, Free Art Fair, London & V22 gallery, London.
  • The Tail of Red Riding Hoody Hoody and Robin Hoody Hoody, The Big Chill Festival Art Trail.
  • Minding the Gap, The Sun & Doves pub, Camberwell, London & The Sainsbury Art Centre, Norwich.
  • The Natural Art History Lessen, Bow Arts Trust, London.
  • The Real Thing, Trust Me!, Concrete & Glass festival, London.
  • Thee Cicada Cicala Shell Show, Jago Gallery, London.

2008 consultancy includes:

  • Expert witness on Performance Art, Belfast Crown Court.
  • Interview on performance art, BBC Radio 4, PM programme, November 14 2008, 5.40pm.
  • Ways of Defining Performance Art, Paper jointly authored with Michael Spencer. Her Majesty's Legal Commission.