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Ewa Smyk

MA Communication Design Alum
Central Saint Martins
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Ewa  Smyk


Ewa is a designer with a focus on book design and illustration.

She likes to think about the book as “one whole” which combines elements of typography, illustration, its construction and materials used together, not only depicting the content but also representing the designer’s interpretation of it. Ewa often uses archival imagery in her design practice; reinterpreting and reconstructing already existing visual materials is one of the techniques she implements in the design process. Ewa likes to work with physical materials – she believes that through the hands-on methods she can achieve more depth and authenticity.

Ewa is a recent Central Saint Martins MA Graphic Communication Design graduate.

Her MA degree project, debut animation “The Deal” (2015) combines her passion for book design with moving image. It has recently been selected for a few prestigious animation and film festivals, including Animasyros 8.0 (Syros Island, Greece) and 30th Mar del Plata International Film Festival (Mar del Plata, Argentina).

Visit Ewa's website for more.