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Central Saint Martins

Emma Yeo

MA Design (Ceramics); MA Design (Furniture); MA Design (Jewellery) Alum
Central Saint Martins
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Emma  Yeo


'Predator & Prey'

Emma Yeo is a multimedia designer and haute craftsman whose designer hallmark 'biomorphic designs' feature repeat sequences of 2D linear frames which metamorphose into a 3D organic sculpture.

While on her MA Design; Jewellery Emma specialised in jewellery where she developed a collection of fashion accessories and headwear entitled 'Predator & Prey'. The collection ranging from sophisticated understatement to overtly theatrical, in which various types of bird personify extreme or ambiguous feminine characteristics. Emma developed her 'biomorphic design process' to portray the strength and ruthless nature of the eagle, the allusive darkness of the raven to the graceful fragility of the swallow, creating a contrast of dramatic, bold and delicate high end luxury headwear and accessories.

Emma's design philosophy is applicable to interior installations, in which the life resemblance is contained entirely within the sculpture, whereas in her fashion adornments the transition of repeating silhouettes identifies the object with the wearer. Emma's willingness to innovate with materials and technologies, combined with her commitment to hands-on craftsmanship and detail, have resulted in intriguing and intricate collections since she graduated, in luxurious wood, precious metals. Emma also has an ability to incorporate unconventional synthetic materials with new and dramatic effects.

Since graduating Emma has gained Crafts Councill and Cockpit Arts Bursaries and business development support. She has also won multiple awards for her accessory collections, ITS 09 in Italy, WGSN 2014 for global emerging designer, The Ascot 'Queens Hat' Award and has collaborated with many fashion designers for London Fashion Week catwalks.

Emma Yeo has received a number of awards including Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Award, Ascot “Queen’s Hat” award , IT#S NINE YKK award.]and the WGSN 2014 Global Emerging Designers Awards.

Emma's work has been featured regularly in Vogue Italy and Vogue Turkey,, Volt, Another, Dazed & Confused, ID and Portfolio magazines.


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