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MA Fashion Show 2020: in pictures

Written by Kathryn Lloyd
Published date 18 February 2020

On Friday 14 February, our MA Fashion students returned to London Fashion Week for their annual show.

Across the pathways – Menswear, Womenswear, Knitwear and Textiles for Fashion – the work reflected the rigour in thinking, designing and making that is at the root of the course with a global reputation for excellence. Here we share one look from each of the 2020 catwalk collections.

All images:

Paolina Russo

Paolina Russo, MA Fashion (Photo:

Johanna Parv

Johanna Parv, MA Fashion (Photo:

Saskia Lenaerts

Saskia Lenaerts, MA Fashion (Photo:

Masha Popova

Masha Popova, MA Fashion (Photo:

Cecile Tulkens

Cecile Tulkens, MA Fashion (Photo:

Leeann Huang

Leeann Huang, MA Fashion (Photo:

Cameron Williams

Cameron Williams, MA Fashion (Photo:

Samson Leung

Samson Leung, MA Fashion (Photo:

Joshua Crabtree

Joshua Crabtree, MA Fashion (Photo:

Alexandra Armata

Alexandra Armata, MA Fashion (Photo:

Sun Mu Lee

Sun Mu Lee, MA Fashion (Photo:

Jegor Pister

Jegor Pister, MA Fashion (Photo:

Aleksandar Mitrovic

Aleksandar Mitrovic, MA Fashion (Photo:

Jawara Alleyne

Jawara Alleyne, MA Fashion (Photo:

Ella Boucht

Ella Boucht, MA Fashion (Photo:

Alex Wolfe

Alex Wolfe, MA Fashion (Photo:

Talia Lipkin-Connor

Talia Lipkin-Connor, MA Fashion (Photo:

Ding Yun Zhang

Ding Yun Zhang, MA Fashion (Photo:

Sarah McCormack

Sarah McCormack, MA Fashion (Photo:

Gui Rosa

Gui Rosa, MA Fashion (Photo:

Paolo Carzana

Paolo Carzana, MA Fashion (Photo:


Three looks from catwalk
Sarah McCormack, MA Fashion (Photo: