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(In)Visible Processes PhD exhibition at the Lethaby Gallery: Talks and Panels

What constitutes research in the context of art and design, and who can do it? How does it produce new knowledge?

The exhibition (In)Visible Processes (held 23 November 2021 – 22 January 2022) showcased the work of Central Saint Martins’ recent PhD graduates, immersing visitors in thought provoking practices and processes, with the aim of demystifying PhD studies.

The exhibition was supported by a programme of events - view recorded public events:

In Conversation: Moments of Transformation in Doctoral Study

29 November 2021

Conversation between Central Saint Martins’ PhD alumna Amy Congdon and her former supervisor, Professor Carole Collet. The conversation, moderated by Isabella Coraça, looks closely at Congdon's journey as a doctoral researcher in the fields of biodesign and tissue engineered textiles and explores the nature of the PhD research process with its discoveries, key transformative moments and struggles.

Amy Congdon is a designer interested in the crossovers between design and science. Using speculative design, she investigates the implications of engaging with new technologies, such as biotechnology, and seeks to provoke debate about their ramifications.

Carole Collet is Professor in Design for Sustainable Futures and Director of Maison/0, the Central Saint Martins–LVMH creative platform for regenerative luxury. She is also codirector of the Design & Living Systems Lab Research Group.

Isabella Coraça is Lecturer in Fashion Communications at Central Saint Martins. She is also a curator and independent dress historian.

Panel Discussion: Demystifying Research

30 November 2021

Architect Íñigo Cornago Bonal, artist Fagner Bibiano, and museum curator Kevin Flude discuss of how they came to research and what research means to them in relation to their respective practices. Moderated by media and cultural studies scholar Nathaniel Weiner, the panel consider research as a shared practice involving people and places inside as well as outside academia.

Íñigo Cornago Bonal is an architect and lecturer. His work ranges from housing buildings and time-based urban planning to temporary interventions. His ongoing PhD research investigates the agency of architecture and its inhabitants in the contemporary housing crisis.

Fagner Bibiano is an artist working in photography and the moving image. His work explores themes such as desire, visuality and the obscene, and his practice is permeated by traces of secrecy and aspects of invisibility.

Kevin Flude is Museum Specialist and Historian in Central Saint Martins’ MA Narrative Environments. His main interest is telling stories about the past, in his various capacities as author, curator, or lecturer.

Nathaniel Weiner is a Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies at Central Saint Martins. His research focuses on the areas of men's fashion, online communities, consumption, and style subcultures.

Panel Discussion: What Do We Mean by Care?

20 January 2022

What do we mean by care practices in academic research? What are the ethical issues that need to be considered? This event explores contexts of care, using as a starting point text excerpts selected by the panel members. These open up critical discussions on care work as related to ethics, (in)visible labours, migration and capital flows, racialized experiences, disability justice, institutional critiques, aesthetics, architecture and more.

Rachel Marsden is a curator, lecturer and writer, researching transcultural curating and artistic practices in China and the Asia-Pacific. She is also interested in social prescribing, inclusive pedagogies, care work, disability justice, and ethics of care. She is Lecturer in Practice-based Research at UAL.

Adriana Cobo Corey is an architect, researcher and educator working on critical performance practice for public space. Her projects are designed in collaboration with diverse local groups involving marginalised and/or under-represented communities.

Despina Hadjilouca is organiser of the Socially Engaged Design Conference, co-founder of Elective, curator of the Narrative in Practice Symposium series, and co-founder of Schedia. She is Programme Administration Manager for PCID, Central Saint Martins.

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