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World’s Most Expensive Pop-Up Shop Goes Viral

Written by
Colin Buttimer
Published date
21 May 2014

WorthOur BA Graphic Design students have been causing a stir on social media with the Worth pop-up. Products in the shop started out with a £1 million price tag, but the value drops each time the website is shared on Facebook or Twitter.

The shop is the response to a second-year brief on ‘Responsibility’. On sale will be limited edition objects, designed and manufactured by Design and Interaction students from BA Graphic Design.

The 94 students have created 940 products, the price of which has already dropped to one-twentieth of the original amount.

Speaking to Dazed Magazine, one of the project’s leaders Tatiana Aspinwall explained: “Initially it was an experiment in viral sharing and self-propagation – often people share things online with no real reason but here there’s a motivation. It’s a publicity stunt, sure, but there’s a point to it.

“We just want people to be able to afford it and for it be available to everyone. Worth means that everyone will be able to buy it and people can work together to dictate the price.”

As well as gaining traction on social media, the project has received attention from the design press. Grafik Magazine applauded the idea, saying: “The result: the consumer gets a cheaper product the more they share, and the students get a lot more PR. Genius.”

The shop runs from 6-8 June at a mystery London location, with all funds raised going towards next year’s Graphic Design degree show.

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