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This Is An Art School at Tate

Belinda Lawley,
Written by
Published date
04 January 2017

We start 2017 by taking art school on the road, setting up camp at Tate Modern, 9-15 January

“This is an open invitation to join our new temporary art school,” says Art Programme Director Alex Schady. “There is no selection or interview process simply a requirement that you commit to action. This art school, created by students, staff and alumni of Central Saint Martins, explores what the future of arts education in the UK might look like.”

With students becoming teachers and galleries becoming studios, standard orthodoxies of the art school will be upturned. The school will be designed, built and run in public view with opportunities for visitors to engage through workshops, talks, events and studio making.



But underneath this playful subversion, there is a pressing point at the heart of This Is An Art School. “We are concerned that in the current economic and political climate there is a systematic assault of arts education in the UK,” says Schady, “Art is increasingly isolated in the school timetable and outside of school, cuts to local funding put galleries’ educational and outreach programmes at risk and raise future possibility of an end to free entry. In recreating and reconsidering an art school at Tate we want to think about what forces are currently impinging on arts education and what resistance we can offer. We’re not saying that everybody should be an art student or artist – although, what a world that might be! – but that everyone should experience the arts. Our cultural health as a nation is promising when practitioners and the audience are diverse and vocal.”

There are rumours that one session will include a full orchestra, so come join our temporary art school, suspend the everyday and take action!

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