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The Big Draw in Pictures

The big Draw 13
The big Draw 13

Written by
Colin Buttimer
Published date
16 October 2018
The big Draw 13

The Big Draw © Graham Carlow

Last Sunday Granary Square was host to ‘Draw the World’, a day of illustration as part of The Big Draw, the world’s largest drawing festival.

Visitors gathered to take part in events ranging from an impressive attempt to draw the world using mobile phones and a drone to an illustration seance, designing emojis and life drawing classes in the Crossing.

The event was a huge success with CSM students, staff and beyond taking part in all aspects of the day.

‘The greatest thing about an event like this is the notion that everyone can do something individually and collectively simultaneously regardless of ability or experience. The projects we ran are directly lifted from our course curriculum or based on methodologies and practices we teach on it. It was wonderful to see the barrier between the wider community and the college dissolve as the Crossing became the studio for the day.’

Chris Roberts, Foundation Programme Director

View the gallery below to see images from the day.