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Take Five: Orla Lawn

Orla Lawn
Orla Lawn

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21 June 2016

With Show Two opening this week, we’ve been talking to exhibiting students to find out about the inspirations and ideas behind their final projects.

Breaking away from traditional textile design methods, Orla Lawn (BA Textile Design) set out to create three-dimensional textiles with an architectural feel for her final project. Using a mixture of silk, plaster, concrete and wool, Orla has combined casting and construction techniques with traditional weave processes and structures to create pieces that were able to cast beautiful shadows and move in unexpected ways.

With this heavy architectural influence in mind, we spoke to Orla to find out which five buildings and architects have had the most impact on her designs.

Louis Kahn - National Assembly Building of Bangladesh © Flickr abrinsky (CC BY-NC-SA)

  1. Louis Kahn – National Assembly Building of Bangladesh: “Kahn created the most beautiful light in his buildings.”

    Victor Horta - Horta Museum, Brussels

  2. Victor Horta – Horta Museum, Brussels: “This is the dreamiest house of all art nouveau architecture.”

    Herzog & De Meuron - Messe Basel © Hufton + Crow

    © Hufton + Crow

  3. Herzog & De Meuron – Messe Basel: “So many of Herzog and De Meuron’s buildings have brilliantly playful surface textures and shapes.”

    Sir Denys Lasdun - Royal National Theatre, London

  4. Sir Denys Lasdun – Royal National Theatre, London: “Up close, the timber impressions in the concrete give this building incredible texture.”

    Erno Goldfinger - Metro Central Heights, London

  5. Erno Goldfinger – Metro Central Heights, London: “The proportions and repetition of this facade are so satisfying.”