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Take Five: Joshua Tabti


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Published date
23 May 2016


With Show One just a week away, we’ve been talking to the exhibiting students to find out about their rituals and routines in the studio. 

In between creating this year’s BA Fine Art website and adding the finishing touches to his experimental performance project which sees photographs of World War II  concrete bunker ruins line The Street, Joshua Tabti told us about the places he has taken solace in and come to rely on the most during this hectic time.


1. The ruins of Atlantic Wall, Hitler’s bunker defence against the Allies is the subject of my degree show work. These monolithic and brutal ruins pepper the coast between France all the way up to Norway.


2. I’ve relied on getting my photographic film from a little shop called Process Supplies near Farringdon and what is really useful is that you can get your colour negatives developed nearby at EC One Lab in this sort of fire station looking/ art studio complex.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 10.32.01 AM

3. I enjoy going to The Photographers’ Gallery and then doing a little circuit through the surrounding backstreets and galleries because I usually have some sort of interesting conversation with a stranger or bump into a friend.


4. Cable Cafe on Brixton Road plays extraordinary live jazz every Tuesday night, it is one of the highlights of my week – the best de-stresser if you find swing and bebop relaxing.


5. CSM – The building is enormous. There’s always somewhere you haven’t been before and amazing people you haven’t met. Having conversations with people from different courses has been really beneficial with getting different perspectives on my work. I owe a lot to the team at the photography department for putting up with me requesting equipment, teaching me new techniques and leaving late!