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Take Five: Eva Cookney

Eva Cookney – Sage
Eva Cookney – Sage

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28 May 2016

Eva Cookney - Sage

With Show One open this week, we’ve been talking to the exhibiting students to find out about their rituals and routines in the studio, as well as some of the ideas behind their final projects. 

If I’m making a video or taking photos then I usually stick on some music to give me a kind of rhythm to think and perform to. Lately this has been a lot of Peaches but I have stuff I always return to like Fugazi, The Julie Ruin and Black Sabbath.

For her final project, BA Fine Art student Eva Cookney has been working under a performative character called Sage to create a space within the show that looks at fetishism and immerses the audience into the world of her alter-ego. A lot of her work focuses on the preparation involved in transforming herself into Sage and really getting into the right frame of mind for her performances.

From trialling wigs and costumes to improvising in front of a camera and watching YouTube tutorials for inspiration, Eva’s work-making ritual also relies heavily on music. To find out more about Sage, Eva told us which five songs she has been relying on most to gather inspiration when working on performances:

  1. Black Sabbath – Fairies wear boots
  2. The Julie Ruin – Oh Come On

  3. Peaches – Dick in the Air

  4. Young Trynas – Control

  5. Fugazi – Suggestion


Show One is open to the public until Sunday 29 May, for opening times and more information please head to our dedicated Degree Show page.