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Take Five: Adam Paroussos

Bamboo Mustard artwork cassette tape
Bamboo Mustard artwork cassette tape

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23 June 2017

With Show Two: Design open, we talk to exhibiting design students about their work and the inspirations behind it.

Adam Paroussos, BA Performance Design and Practice, is an interdisciplinary sound artist and designer who performs as Bamboo Mustard. With instruments made from found materials alongside tape loops and experimental Foley techniques, Paroussos embraces spontaneous and communal music-making.

I am interested in how film and sound can be used as a medium to bring together relics of past performances, installation and sound pieces, and remix them to create new meaning, like a collage, a constant development and organic growth of an idea.”

Here, Paroussos shares five inspirational music makers:

  1. Baschet Brothers

I think the Baschet Brothers have definitely influenced the interactive aspect of my Bamboo Mustard performances. They found a great balance between sculpture and sound, changing the perspective of what music can be for the audience by using unconventional instruments. They often had audience members interacting with the instruments, with no hierarchy in terms of musical skill. I try to carry this idea within my own performances; I like the communal aspect of having the audience join in. I aim for it to be all in the moment, so the more spontaneous the better!

2. Jacob Collier

I’m drawn to the audiovisual aspect of music performance and Jacob Collier has developed an interesting way to show the process of the multi-instrument music making. I like the fact that his live set up visually exposes how each sound is made. In some ways it helps the audience understand and appreciate the music more enhancing the experience.

3. Mutoid Waste Company

Post-apocalyptic aesthetics often appear in my work. I think it comes from reusing fragments and relics of pre-existing material and ideas to create new meanings.  After a project last year with Joe Rush and the Mutoid Waste Company, I feel I’ve been influenced by their craft, turning any found material into vehicles and sculptures and beyond that, to create an environment in which to play and be creative, rather than a sterile white cube gallery.

4. Graham Dunning

I’ve learnt a lot from Graham Dunning’s DIY and experimental approach to sound-making. The way he uses music formats such as vinyl and tape in unconventional ways has influenced how I use sound as a tactile material. There’s an interesting performativity and visual layer to experimental approaches with analogue audio formats which can branch into other forms of performances and installations.

5. Lindsay Kemp

Lindsay Kemp trained David Bowie and Kate Bush for many of their performances. He brings a theatricality and drama to music performance, so it can go beyond the music and into different worlds and spaces in terms of movement, costume and set. With Bamboo Mustard, I try to carry this idea of embodying the music as a character, or an instrument, and create a whole mythology

Adam Paroussos is nominated for the MullenLowe NOVA Award. Show Two: Design is open to the public 21-25 June at Central Saint Martins.

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