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We can’t wait to welcome our new and returning students from 19 October 2020. Your safety is our first priority.

Four covers of SZ magazine showing four different portraits

SZ magazine

Written by Teleri Lloyd-Jones
Published date 26 February 2020

One of Germany’s biggest broadsheets has devoted 46 pages to Central Saint Martins, calling us "the most exciting art college in the world".

Documenting life at the College over the past few months, Sűddeutsche Zeitung has published a special edition of their magazine dedicated to London and the College. The magazine has eight alternative covers and includes photoshoots, interviews with both students and staff and an eight-page essay on the history and culture of the College.

Thank you to all the staff and students who took the time to talk about their work and life at Central Saint Martins.

Interior spread of magazine with image of large space with many people
SZ Magazine Caption
Interior spread of magazine
SZ Magazine Caption

"We should not prepare students for the world out there. We should prepare them to change the world out there… We have to get away from the idea that designers are only responsible for designing objects. Instead they have to become designers of situations and systems."
Jeremy Till, Head of Central Saint Martins

Interior spread of magazine with portraits of students
SZ Magazine Caption

"You will learn here. You learn to do without praise. You learn that your vision is okay, even if you fail in the end. Sure, you get insecure, it's incredibly hard to stay with yourself when the uncertainty always intervenes. That is the burden you carry when you want to work creatively."
Paolina Russo, MA Fashion student

Interior spread of magazine
SZ Magazine Caption