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Show Two: Video Interviews

Central Saint Martins 2016 Degree Show Two
Central Saint Martins 2016 Degree Show Two
John Sturrock, Central Saint Martins 2016 Degree Show Two
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25 June 2016

With only two days left to see Show Two, we spoke to three students exhibiting their work to ask them about their inspirations and what they hope people take from their final projects.    

Hanan Alkouh, MA Material Futures 

Hanan, who is shortlisted for the Nova Award, uses dulse seaweed to replicate the familiar taste and texture of pork. Here she talks about how she was inspired by a bacon-obsessed friend, and how she plans to work with a professional chef to create an edible version of her prototype.

Frank Lin, BA Product Design

Here Frank, who was longlisted for the Nova Award, talks about his Show Two project, ‘Flaws’, which investigates the benefits and nature of flaws in mass production. “I hope people look at it as a different way of mass manufacturing,” he says.

Lauren Krischer, BA Fashion (Print)

Fashion designer Lauren Krischer talks to UAL’s Anna Castleton Simmons about drawing on her experience of a journey of self-discovery while tackling mental health issues for her vivid print collection.

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