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Written by
Colin Buttimer
Published date
31 January 2014


February sees the welcome return of Platzdeplay, a project conceived by Central Saint Martins alumni, Aline Caretti & Ricardo Ciriani.

After graduating, they set up the collective PRJT, now based in France to deliver this inventive programme of activities in collaboration with artist practitioners in the UK and Germany. Working across four phases, the project aims to provide a space for discussion for young people on the nature of play and public space, culminating in the creation of three urban interventions in three European cities.

Much like a game of consequences, a team of twelve young people in each country (London, Stuttgart, Saint-Erme – France) will have the chance to conceive a design and then fabricate an intervention for another country. Communication between the teams leading up to the final phase is via two packages, one that describes a space special to the young people and another that describes their relationship with play in public space. This provides the context and stimulus for another country to respond to.

February- April workshops will see the UK team explore and decide on a public space for the final intervention then follow the process for negotiating that site with local councillors. Camden Council has been very supportive of the project, and we look forward to seeing what unfolds over the next couple of months.

In July, the Saint-Erme team will come to London to fabricate the Stuttgart team’s design. The project closes with opportunity for each team to introduce their final outcomes to each other, remotely.

In the UK Widening Participation at Central Saint Martins supports the partnership, with students hailing from Acland Burghley School in Camden. The workshops are led by Gander, a collaborative London-based practice between Natasha Freedman and Viyki Turnbull and supported by Khedidja Benniche, graduate of Central Saint Martins. We are delighted to support the team in this ambitious project.

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