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Interview: Ignacia Ruiz


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09 August 2016

Ignacia is an illustrator and reportage artist who works primarily with drawing and printmaking. She recently finished an artist residency at the print studio Opificicio della Rosa in Italy, and her recent clients include Penguin books, Editions Zulma and WPP.

We spoke to her for an alumni profile for the CSM website, see below for a few highlights. 

On advice for prospective CSM students:

Come with an open mind and ready to push yourself. There is a lot of work you can do in your own terms. CSM can be a very rewarding experience if you want a more quick, independent and self led pace.

On her practice:

I always try and have a personal practice as well in order to keep pushing myself into new territory all the time. Commercial work is often not very nurturing and I feel like the only way to keep yourself interested and your work interesting is to have personal projects that speak to you.

On her future:

Hopefully I’ll have a bigger client base, more ambitious personal projects that branch into other areas and still taking my sketchbook everywhere! I aim to have that as a constant throughout my career.

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