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In the Museum: Cuckoo Clocks, Pearl Necklaces and Boarded Buildings

Cuckoo Clock by David Marques de Oliveira
Cuckoo Clock by David Marques de Oliveira
Cuckoo Clock by David Marques de Oliveira
Written by
Colin Buttimer
Published date
19 June 2014

Every year, we buy degree show work from graduating students to add to our Museum and Study Collection. The pieces, which are selected by course tutors, will help inspire future generations of students.

We’ve yet to choose which pieces from this year’s show will be added to the collection, but why not visit Degree Show Two this week to see the contenders for yourself?

Here are a few of the pieces we snapped up in 2013:

Cuckoo Clock by David Marques de Oliveira

Cuckoo Clock by David Marques de Oliveira

This porcelain cuckoo clock with gold hand painting and a bird figurine was created BA Ceramic Design graduate David Marques de Oliveira.

Speaking about the project, David said: “[It] explores time, not as a keeper of time for a busy schedule, but as a reminder of the importance of the moment.

“This is an elaboration of the traditional ‘Memento Mori’ theme often reflected in art depicting clocks, skulls or hourglasses. I would like the viewer to put the world on ‘pause’ and focus on the preciousness of the moment and the details in the design.”

T-shirt by Bella Mung

T-shirt by Bella Mung

Last year’s BA Jewellery Design graduate Bella Mung did a series on pearl necklaces and their display. The piece chosen for our collection is a green, flocked t-shirt – the same texture as a jewellery box – with a pearl necklace fitted into it.

Photo by Mir Gwilliam Parkes

Photo by Mir Gwilliam Parkes

As part of our 2013 haul, we also bought several of Mir Gwilliam Parkes’ photographs of the Kings Cross regeneration project. During her time at Central Saint Martins, Mir was a BA Fine Art student.

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