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In Pictures: 2014’s Scholarship Winners

Written by
Colin Buttimer
Published date
03 July 2014

On 17 June, Central Saint Martins held its annual awards ceremony to congratulate the people who won or were highly commended for our scholarships.

The standard of work submitted across all the awards was high, with a wide range of disciplines represented. We are pleased to announce the following winners and commendations:

The Queen’s Scholarship
A scholarship open to full-time second-year undergraduate students.

  • Joint Winner, Mark Corfield-Moore (BA Fine Art)
  • Joint Winner, Katarzyna Marta Franczak (BA Textile Design)
  • Very Highly Commended, Saul Nash (BA Performance, Design and Practice)

The Cecil Collins Memorial Award
Cecil Collins was one of Central School’s great teachers, who taught painting and life drawing for over thirty years. He was himself a brilliant draftsman, and regarded drawing and particularly life drawing as a central activity in an art school. The inner content of a drawing was what concerned Cecil Collins. He believed that one drew what one knew, rather than just what one saw. He died in June 1989 and bequeathed a sum of money to provide a biennial drawing award. The award is open to any student studying at the college.

  • Winner, Louis Tamlyn (Foundation Diploma in Art and Design)
  • Very Highly Commended, Firdaws Fourcroy (BA Product Design)
  • Very Highly Commended, Zichen Xu (BA Fashion, Womenswear)

The Phoebe Llewellyn Smith Award
Phoebe Llewellyn Smith was formerly a painting student at Central Saint Martins. She sold occasional pictures and painted illustrations for publications including Gulliver’s Travels and The Turn of the Screw. A set of these can be found in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. The award is open to all second-year BA Fine Art students.

  • Winner, Jessica Dally (BA Fine Art)

The Kate Barton Award for Painting
The late Kate Barton was formerly a painting student at Central Saint Martins. The award is for graduating BA Fine Art students who intend to pursue a career in painting.

  • Winner, Ema Morais de Pina (BA Fine Art)

William Atkinson Scholarship
The William Atkinson Scholarship is open to students in their second year of undergraduate study, who are planning to earn a living in a craft-based subject.

  • Winner, Kota Okuda (BA Jewellery Design)

The Joyce Clissold Scholarship for Printed Textile Design
Joyce Clissold was a student of Rooke and Adeney at the Central School between 1924 and 1927. While still a student, Clissold worked at Footprints, a workshop established to design and to supply textiles for the Modern Textiles shop. Clissold returned to Footprints in 1927, taking it over in 1929 and creating all subsequent designs. Clissold taught textile design at the Central School from 1936 to 1940, and after the war continued to run Footprints on a smaller scale until her death in 1982. Central Saint Martins holds a substantial Clissold collection and the copyright of her designs. The scholarship is open to second-year BA Textile Design students.

  • Winner, Clare Leith (BA Textile Design)
  • Very Highly Commended, Yan Ma (BA Textile Design)

The Rosemary House Creative Weaver Award
This award was established in 2002 by the former Woven Textiles pathway leader to recognise innovation and creativity within weaving. It is open to all second-year BA Textile Design students.

  • Winner, Hanna Vinlof Nylén (BA Textile Design)
  • Very Highly Commended, Alexandra Gough (BA Textile Design)
  • Very Highly Commended, Rosie Green (BA Textile Design)
  • Very Highly Commended, Ho-Ying (Ivy) Leung (BA Textile Design)
  • Very Highly Commended, Ruby Wing Hang Leung (BA Textile Design)

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