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Foundation: from Ofsted’s “Outstanding” to Outer Space


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09 May 2017

As the Foundation Show is about to open, we take a moment to celebrate a stellar year for the course.

The College is about to open the door on the Foundation Show sharing the work of this year’s Foundation Diploma in Art and Design students. A stepping stone from school to undergraduate study, the one-year course is key in giving young artists and designers the time and experience to define their futures. That means a lot of events and projects crammed into one busy year and this year has been no different from the cross-Channel collaboration with Paris College of Art to an eccentric interstellar four-day residency in the Futuro House on the roof of the College.

To cap off these creative projects is the recent announcement that the course has been awarded ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. This is an incredible achievement with the University of the Arts London the first institution to be awarded this highest grade under the new inspection framework and the only one to gain it across all four areas of the inspection.


It’s a recognition of both the staff and student achievement… Our environment is unique, the course is reflective of the city in which it operates. It’s reflective of that mix of people and cultures, our students come from all over. Many arrive knowing what they want to do in their careers while the others discover abilities they sometimes didn’t know they had, so the Foundation provides opportunity for all to confirm what direction they want to travel in the future.”

Chris Roberts, Programme Director, Foundation Diploma in Art and Design