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Foundation Focus: Meet Kaiya Waerea

Knowing/Doing by Kaiya Waerea
Knowing/Doing by Kaiya Waerea
Knowing/Doing by Kaiya Waerea
Written by
Colin Buttimer
Published date
10 May 2016
Knowing/Doing by Kaiya Waerea

Knowing/Doing by Kaiya Waerea

Congratulations to our Foundation students who, this week, unveil their final projects to the public for the first time. With the Foundation Show just days away we caught up with Kaiya Waerea to talk DIY, performance and her future plans.

You began Foundation thinking you’d study Fashion?

Yes, but then I found Performance Design & Practice. One week you can be doing set or spatial design and the next a live performance or costume design. And you can’t do anything without collaborating with other people, I really enjoy that.

What was your final project?

Performing is not my thing at all, I definitely think of myself as a performance designer so I ran a scratch night called Doing/Knowing. I was developing the conditions in which people might feel comfortable to share information about themselves or their skills. It’s about using making and positivity as protest against the idea that art is only for certain people. It was a night of simple interactivity, using things like play dough or coloured card to help create organic discussion and play.

Knowing/Doing by Kaiya Waerea

Knowing/Doing by Kaiya Waerea

Will you do more events?

I really enjoy organising these nights, writing up the programme or talking my way out of paying fees! I wanted to make people feel comfortable but in the future I’m interested to put more at stake – the conversation could be political for example – so the outcomes become more productive.

Knowing/Doing by Kaiya Waerea

Knowing/Doing by Kaiya Waerea

What have been your inspirations this year?

The DIY performance community in the UK. My tutor Gary Campbell is a big part of that. I like that it’s about deciding what you want to do, and going for it. DIY doesn’t doesn’t mean a lack of skill or professionalism, it’s an attitude.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt this year?

The most important skill is being comfortable interacting with other people, being confident to start a conversation.

What next?

The Performance Practice & Design pathway in Foundation has altered the course of my life, so I’m disappointed this is its last year. I’m going to Goldsmiths next year to do a BA in Design – it’s an interdisciplinary course so I’m putting off specialising as long as I can!

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