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Feeling festive

Festive campaign, Benjamin Chan and Malone Chen
Festive campaign, Benjamin Chan and Malone Chen
Festive campaign, Benjamin Chan and Malone Chen
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11 December 2017

To bring a little festive cheer before the close of term, the College ran a student competition for a Christmas campaign. Here, we share the design and catch up with the third-year students who created it.

Benjamin Chan and Malone Chen began collaborating as twomuch during their second year on BA Graphic Design. The first projects were within the course, creating posters for debates and events, but their scope soon grew across the College, now building beyond its walls.

Their work as individuals encompasses experiments in interactivity and virtual reality; as twomuch the duo embraces a signature 3-dimensional digital style. “We use a lot of 3D stuff which I’ve been learning over the last year or so,” says Ben, “You can alter the physics, experiment with what you can do. It’s a whole new world.”

For the Christmas campaign, the duo has created animations of symbolically-festive 3D shapes bouncing around in frame. “We wanted to make something that was intentionally very simple” says Malone, as Ben continues:

“We wanted to capture the essence. We want you to feel Christmas when you see it but not in a straightforward way”

Central to their work is a sense of playfulness, using the digital space to delight. “It’s important,” says Malone, “we like people to look at our work and feel happy.”

Now in their final year of their degrees, the two are busy with individual projects but asked if twomuch will continue beyond graduation Malone replies, “it’s hard to find someone that you work well with.”