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Fashion Revolution Day Charity Appeal – Get Involved with students from across UAL!


Written by
Colin Buttimer
Published date
31 March 2014


Fashion Revolution Day, on the anniversary of Rana Plaza, will raise awareness of the fashion industry’s most pressing issues, show that change is possible and celebrate those who are on a journey to create a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion.

Join us on 24 April 2014: Make a Video for Fashion Revolution Day

On 24 April  last year, 1,133 people were killed when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Many more were injured. Today, people are still suffering across the whole supply chain.

Fashion Revolution Day says enough is enough.

Fashion Revolution Day is a worldwide platform. One we can all use to ask questions, raise standards, hero change-makers and set an industry-wide example of what better looks like. By celebrating best practice, we can change lives.

We understand the challenge ahead. This movement is made up of brands, retailers, producers, academics and NGOs who know that the pressures and complexities of our global fashion industry make sustainability tough. But, by collaborating and collecting evidence, and by working alongside experts, FRD is showcasing realistic sustainable solutions and translating them into a reality that works for fashion.

The Campaign in one paragraph…

As consumers, we no longer know who makes our clothes. We don’t know the true cost of the things we buy. The garment industry supply chain is fractured and producers have become faceless. This is costing lives. FRD is about demanding greater transparency. We will ask people to question who made their clothes, to imagine the thread from the garment, to the machinists who sewed it, all the way down to the farmer who grew the cotton. We hope that this will initiate a process of discovery, raising awareness of the fact that buying is only the last click in a long journey involving hundreds of people: the invisible workforce behind the clothes we wear. #insideout

Get Involved!

Students from across UAL are hosting a Fashion Demonstration on Oxford Street on 24 April.  They will be staging a Fashion Revolution “Fash_Mob” – starting at LCF and heading down Carnaby Street to raise awareness about Fashion Revolution Day. Meet outside LCF’s John Princes’ Street building at 5pm to take part. Find out more on the Fash_Mob event page.