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Do Disturb: Students Take Part In Palais de Tokyo Festival

Palais De Tokyo4
Palais De Tokyo4
Credit: James Theseus Buck via Instagram @jamestheseusbuck
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03 May 2016
Credit: James Theseus Buck via Instagram @jamestheseusbuck

Credit: James Theseus Buck via Instagram @jamestheseusbuck

Students and alumni from across our Fine Art, Spatial Practices and Fashion programmes took part in Palais de Tokyo’s experimental Do Disturb festival in Paris earlier this month.

During the course of the festival, artworks from 52 current Fine Art students were used as the raw materials for performances in which paintings, sculptures, drawings, garments, prints and installations were destroyed and reconfigured following simple instructions devised by MA Fashion alumni James Theseus Buck and Luke Brooks.

Performed by BA Fine Art students Andrew Wyatt, Kat Buchanan and Joshua Beatty, the pieces followed a series of eccentric instructions including:

  • Make a tent, sit inside it for 30 minutes and sing Celine Dion songs
  • Colour cardigan entirely with blue sculpture whilst wearing fake hand
  • Hold a painting between your legs and swing a ceramic sausage around your head 30 times whilst wearing socks. Jump up and down on the remaining ceramic pieces and shout your mothers maiden name five times

Palais De Tokyo1

Architecture Students Fernanda De Almeida Castelo Branco and Hwa Yeong also took part in the weekend’s activities by designing and constructing architectural elements and furniture to create defined spaces in which the performances took place, artworks stored and instructions were formulated.

It’s extraordinary how students from a broad range of disciplines came together to produce such an ambitious collaboration.  Work is always more interesting when it falls between two disciplines. And this project offered so many new collaborative possibilities.

Alex Schady, Art Programme Director

View the gallery below to see more images from the event.