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Designing the visual identity for the 2016 Degree Shows


Written by
Colin Buttimer
Published date
04 May 2016


Each year CSM asks students from BA Graphic Design to create an identity for our summer shows. The winning design is picked by a panel including course tutors and the Head of College, Jeremy Till. 

This year, the responsibility was handed to Sophie Rush and Shannon Swinburn, who are in their third and final year. They were selected by the panel for their vivid designs that plaster blocks of pink over grey concrete, and a way-finding system that opts for playful ways of navigation.

The designs play on the theme of “loading”, inspired by the ever-increasing presence of digital media, and have a sharp focus on celebrating the collective work of students at the College.

The two met when they first arrived at CSM for their interviews over three years ago, and described the experience of designing this year’s visual identity as the “cherry on the cake” of their three years here.

Speaking about their initial designs Shannon said:

We wanted something that incorporated everyone around the College. That was an important part of the brief. We decided the one thing that everyone has in common is that even though it’s important that everyone works with whatever physical things they make, it’s also important to have a digital presence.

These designs were also informed in part by their experience of working on and observing the previous Degree Shows. As Sophie explains:

We helped out in previous years and we found that people were always asking where is everything or what floor is it on. We tried to make that experience a fun and playful way of doing that this time and one that is maybe more approachable.

Read the full interview with Sophie and Shannon over on the CSM website. Keep an eye out for their designs which will be appearing across the College in the coming weeks.

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