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CSM Hosts Lumiere Festival Installation

John Sturrock, © John Sturrock
Written by
Colin Buttimer
Published date
19 January 2016
© John Sturrock

© John Sturrock

We were delighted to host the ‘Litre Of Light’ installation by artist Mick Stephenson working with CSM students for the Lumiere London light festival last week.

The festival was hosted in collaboration with MyShelter Foundation, Artichoke and Veolia, and took place from January 14–17.

Displayed inside the The Crossing, Stephenson’s work was billed as “an installation that asks us to acknowledge the growing need for alternative technologies to support our everyday lives.”

The work presented a model for sustainable light bulbs, created by filling plastic bottles with water, and a drop of bleach. Each of these bottles is capable of refracting as much sunlight through it as a 55-watt bulb.

Also taking place in Granary Square was an impressive outdoor visual show, projected onto the front of Granary Square building by Portuguese company Ocubo.

Eight of our students, from a variety of courses at CSM – primarily Fine Art and Performance Design & Practice – worked with Mick and his team to generate ideas for the installation and helped in its construction.

They were:

Valeriia Aleksandrova
Juliana Dorso
Tatiana Lapshina
Abigail Sumrie
Fié Neo
Adam Paroussos
Berta Pibernat Trias
Yisha Wang

See the gallery below for a selection of images taken by John Sturrock.