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Archway Hosts Insights Spring School


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13 April 2016


Students from our local partner schools and further education colleges took part in our Insights Spring School, held at our Archway Campus earlier this month.

Organised by the UAL Outreach team, the event gave students in their first year of further education the opportunity to try out different areas of art and design to get an insight into what studying at university is really like.

Working closely with current students, artists and designers from the College, the students explored materials and artistic processes in in-depth and exciting live collaborative and multidisciplinary workshops, embracing issues surrounding private public spaces. Projects included speed portrait sketching, implementing artistic interventions in the local area and crafty Archway inspired miniature object workshops. Artists Yinka Ilori, Shawn Soh and Mary Evans, also joined the students to discuss their varying backgrounds in design, collaboration and the potential to experiment within art and design.

During the week we spoke to the students to find out about their experiences of the Spring School:

We have been trying different disciplines from sculpture to graphics. It is interesting how we’ve been able to incorporate our different interests; it gives you a new way of looking at things. – Carolina

I’ve really enjoyed the freedom to create and try new things. We went out and we had to photograph the sculptures that we’d made in different and bizarre areas, I took a photos of mine in a tree and a buggy, a dryer. It’s just really free and I love it. – Shannon

I liked going out and actually finding materials to work with and the whole process of working. It’s helped me think about things in a different way. – Edie

I enjoyed hearing from the public speakers and I feel like they’ve inspired me to not keep myself in a box, you can do everything so why not. – Morgan

I think it has pushed me a bit, I am very 2D based so to go out and work on a 3D project pushes your skill set and it was harder than I thought it would be – it was real practical stuff. – Cenan

Find out more about the UAL Outreach Insights Spring Schools by visiting their Facebook page or following them on Twitter or searching #InsightsSpringSchools.