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Altered Realities

Altered Realities
Altered Realities
Altered Realities
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24 February 2018

The Lethaby Gallery presents creative responses to the current times with its exhibition Altered Realities

For the exhibition – which brings together installation and video work with virtual reality pieces – Federico Sargentone, a MA Culture, Criticism and Curation student, wrote a reflective introduction. Here, we share an excerpt to give a glimpse into the world of Altered Realities:

The twisted nature of contemporary times is translated into a generation- al craving of escapism, an intimate exigency of taking shelter into disillusion. Disillusion here is not intended as a feeble, naïve reaction to social and political catastrophes, but indeed it is treated as the necessary passage of the entire cathartic process that leads to pure hope. Being an intellectual statement, disillusion may generate a vast range of parallel emotional statuses such as anxiety, anger, desperation, hesitation, but also, reflection, investigation, awareness towards structural changes and paradoxes. Disillusion generates awareness, and judgmental strength.

We, as artists and art practitioners, must find the way to let the museum be political again, in a world in which it has become a stage for corporate branding, art exploitation and even terrorist attacks. And I can feel it coming, we all do.

We are now demanding a politic gesture within the museum.

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