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Central Saint Martins

Nathan Lyles

BA Fashion Alum
Central Saint Martins
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Nathan  Lyles


Nathan Lyles graduated in 2013, his collection was nominated for the Nova Awards.

CSM’s Nova nominees are put forward by their Course Leaders and represent the best talent across the degree shows. Here Nathan provides an insight into the work which earned him the prestigious place.


“Initially I started the collection by looking at situations I find myself in, which sounds a bit provincial but sometimes my work can help me understand things better and allow me to process things better too. One re-occurring thought has been that I wished I knew what I know now when I was younger, so I wrote down a conversation I would have with myself now, with myself when I was younger.  The majority of it made no sense but in between rants about my disappointment of Anneka Rice and discussing the dog shit on my snow boots there were snippets that helped me visually.

That transitional coming of age moment was a big influence and the need to nest and my love of home comforts and general clutter like dodgy kitsch 60s useless ceramics and horrible tapestries that I collect that are dotted around my room, the vulgar the better! It’s the cheap acrylic tapestries from the car boot that are constructed from left over yarns in colours that are pretty vile on their own but when brought together they work, they give a mood.

Fran drescher, Eddie from ab fab and dawn from welcome to the dolls house were definite influences, I referenced a lot of men’s 80s tailoring and Chanel suits as well.


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