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Central Saint Martins

Mette Hammer Juhl

BA Fine Art Alum
Central Saint Martins
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Mette Hammer Juhl


4D student, Mette Juhl, explains the critical thinking behind the Nova nominated work ‘The Fountain Series’

CSM’s Nova nominees are put forward by their Course Leaders and represent the best talent across the degree shows. Here, Mette provides an insight into the work which earned her a prestigious Nova nomination.

The Fountain Kit Series

“The Fountain Kit Series are spontaneous fountain arrangements made of discarded objects and materials found by chance scattered around city and suburban streets. A domestic pump and a four-meter hose were taken on walks with the aim of assembling found objects and materials into fountains.

The emphasis in these fountains is on the ornamental, playful, transitory arrangement of objects in public space. Here we find potential in spontaneous moments that makes us view our surroundings in alternative ways, but also a suggestion of what is generated in the moments of boredom.

Once documented the arrangements were dismantled, now the only record of them are videos and photographs.

The filmed documentation is played on small low quality monitors, casually placed on a temporary structure of a table. The positioning of the monitors and the low quality image never allows the viewer to experience the images together but only the combined sounds. The installation replicates the fountains original form in the city where we encounter multiple sounds from unknown sources all at once.

The wall piece Encore I, is a battery-powered keyboard with stuck down keys that hangs from a bungee strap. Its only purpose is to play the chosen chord until the battery runs out. The exhaustion of the batteries creates hours of tension in the build up to the moment of release. The noise from the fountains playing together becomes like a loud applause, which connects the two pieces by creating the sound of a suspended ending.”


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