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Maham Anjun

BA Ceramic Design Alum
Central Saint Martins
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Maham  Anjun


Maham Anjum graduated from BA Ceramic Design in 2003. She is an award-winning designer, potter and researcher and has developed products for Jamie Oliver, Habitat and Queensbury Hunt among many others.


Why did you choose ceramics?

Material inspires me. For the enquiry into ceramics that are functional

Why did you study at CSM?

I’d heard of the course and I met John Chipperfield (Chip) before I applied, he inspired me.

What are your best memories of studying at CSM?

The bar on a Friday night. Tutors that are like family. Late nights working in workshops

What is your worst memory of studying at CSM?

Disaster in the kiln with an alkaline glaze. Disasters with plaster.

How did the course shape and define your future career?

It allowed me to investigate the material, experiment with ideas within ceramics and design. It taught me to break rules.

What were the creative influences on you at the time?

Artisan potters making functional pottery in South Asia who I spent time researching while on the course. Designers – David Queensberry and Martin Hunt. Lucio Fontana’s work in porcelain. The work of painters Frank Auerbach and Howard Hodgkin.

How do you perceive the value of ceramics?

It represents our culture, it’s an important part of our lives. Things that we use every day in life have the most impact on us.

What excites you about ceramics today?

The process, the failures that lead to ideas, the butterflies in the stomach before opening the kiln. Pushing boundaries through collaborating with chefs, artists.

What do you see in the future for ceramics?

The hope that people will still design and make beautiful ceramics and use them in daily life. Explore and expand the material.

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