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Liberty Fearns

BA Product Design
Central Saint Martins
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Liberty  Fearns


I graduated from the Product Design course at Central Saint Martins, and currently work as an Industrial Designer for Vodafone in Dusseldorf, Germany.

After winning Audi Young Designer of the Year in 2004 during my final year of sixth form, I was positive that design, and in particular product design, was what I wanted to do.

I applied to Central Saint Martins direct from school and never looked back. Despite being born and bred in the UK, I have spent most of my career so far working in Germany for companies such as Audi and Vodafone as an industrial designer. I love working in such a creative industry and seeing my work go into mass production, something I only dreamed of before I began studying.


Why did you decide to study at Central Saint Martins?

I decided to study at Central Saint Martins because in my eyes a good degree in product design from Central Saint Martins was the best anyone could get, so that's what I aimed for.

I was looking for a creative environment where I could experiment and meet other people who shared my interests and of course I wanted to be in what I considered to be an epicentre of design - London.

What was the best bit about living and studying in London?

Knowing then and now that a new opportunity lies around every corner. When you're tired of London you're tired of life!

What top tips would you give to students who are beginning their studies?

You get out what you put in. I have never felt this more than at Central Saint Martins. Also, be nice to the workshop technicians, they are your allies....

And for students about to graduate?

Aim beyond what you think you can achieve. Keep challenging yourself and moving forward.

What are you up to now? How did you get there?

After I graduated I landed a three month internship at Vodafone in Germany. I initially applied for a job, but I wasn't experienced enough so they offered me a placement instead. After three months, the placement was extended to five months, and then I was asked to stay working as a freelancer, so in the end I got the job.

How has Central Saint Martins helped in your chosen career path?

When I began the course fresh from school, it felt like a bit of a minefield trying to find a direction which suited me within such a vast industry. Despite the fact that at times I didn't know quite what it was that I wanted to do, I feel like I am beginning to find my way, which is down to the projects I did at Central Saint Martins and the teaching and guidance I received from the tutors. It's something I have realised in retrospect, and I am glad I got to learn it at a place like Central Saint Martins.‌