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Khadijah Carberry

MA Cities student
Central Saint Martins
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Khadijah  Carberry


Khadijah is a second year student on MA Cities, at Central Saint Martins.


Why did you choose to study MA Cities at Central Saint Martins?

I chose the course because it seemed like a natural progression from my undergraduate studies where I found myself particularly fascinated by how civic identity and cities were built and maintained in Ancient Rome during the formation of the Empire. I was also developing a lot of audiovisual work which showed me that I was very grounded in more creative forms of expression which brought me to MA Cities because it allows for nuanced and in-depth explorations of the city within an incredibly creative framework.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve worked on so far? 

I really enjoyed working on creating a planning game with the planning team from Croydon. The unit really made me think out of the box as to what engagement is to consider the limitations of how local councils can engage with residents unless creatives and other freer thinkers can come on board and begin innovating in the space of engagement. After this I really began to see how I might find myself within the city as a practitioner

Have you completed any work placements whilst being on the course?

During year 1, I was an intern at Creative Civic Change where I worked on storytelling, this saw me travelling and making lasting friendships throughout the UK whilst exploring the complexities of sharing stories of communities in non-extractive and interest driven ways. I am currently a Neighbourhood Doughnut Economics Intergenerational Organiser at CIVIC SQUARE in Birmingham where I am exploring how we can take neighbourhood school children on journeys that encourage them to imagine and challenge their role within the neighbourhood and local economy through creative activities and projects.

What important piece of advice would you give to students thinking of studying this course?

Be prepared to be lost and embrace that feeling. The city is vast and finding your role within it is and should always be a welcome challenge, the city also has so much to teach so here's a chance to listen, observe, explore and learn

What has been the highlight of your Central Saint Martins experience?

I would say running a paper making workshop at the College, on Earth Day. It was an incredible and very busy experience where I saw the power of creativity and art in conveying and making complex and challenging ideas accessible!

What are your career aspirations? 

Maybe completing a PHD and definitely with a well-established practice that takes the idea of Generous Waste to places I haven't yet imagined.

What is the most important thing you learnt on the course?

To be ok with not knowing and to keep going.


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