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Jon C Flint

Lecturer in Design and Fabrication, MA Biodesign
Central Saint Martins
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Jon  C Flint


My design interests lie in dissecting the complexity of technological products or services and distilling them into simple and unique physical forms. What I design is grounded in the domestic space, often the first port of call where new technologies impact our lives. My work manifests as connected appliances, digital mirrors, salesman suitcases, workshops and even rooms from the future.

From 2015 to 2018, I worked as a designer prototyper at the acclaimed design and experiential futures practice Superflux. Over the years, I have exhibited work at the Tate Exchange, Victoria and Albert Museum and Asia Culture Center and led talks and workshops in Montréal, Canada, to Shanghai, China. I work on projects as part of the practise-based studio VJF, and I am a member of the Cached Collective. I was one of the 10x10 emerging designers selected by the British Council's Design Connections programme for 2019. In 2020 I joined the design associate/expert network at the Design Council.