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Central Saint Martins

Jesús Madriñán

MA Communication Design Alum
Central Saint Martins
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Jesús  Madriñán


Jesús Madriñán graduated in 2011, he now works as an artist and photographer.

Final Project

My final project ‘Good Night London’ was a series of documentary portraits taken in several London nightclubs. The series explored how artificial environments work as key elements in the construction of teenagers’ identities. Substituting the traditional calm environment of a photography studio for the hostile and noisy atmosphere of a nightclub as the background upon which I captured the characters in my series, I took conventional studio photography out of context to invade these complex scenarios.

Why CSM?

CSM is seen as a prestigious school within the UK and many other countries around the world, so it was a name that I heard quite often while I was studying Fine Arts in Barcelona.

When I finished my degree I knew that I wanted to specialise and focus my studies in Photography, so I began to research and look for good MAs in well-known schools. For me MA Communication Design was the perfect option, it allowed me to undertake the photography pathway whilst maintaining a strong link with graphic design.

The course

It’s a self-directed course, for me it was mostly the chance to take time for myself and my projects, but this time with professional guidance in an unsurpassable context. The facilities, the photo technicians, the classmates and the research together provide the best possible environment in which to learn and to carry out a personal project with a completely professional outcome.For me this course was like discovering the perfect recipe for achieving the perfect dish. The course gives you and shows you all those ingredients and the steps you have to follow in order to become a professional in your medium.


Be your own leader, follow your instincts and express yourself in order to do what you feel you should do. In the meanwhile listen to your teachers, let them drive you crazy, let them question everything you believe in and let them show you new and different options.

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