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Gamonpat Sanganunt

MA Applied Imagination Alum
Central Saint Martins
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Gamonpat  Sanganunt


Gamonpat graduated from MA Applied Imagination in 2014 and currently works as Assistant Managing Director of Samchai Label Industrial Co. Ltd in Bangkok.

What did you do before coming to CSM to study this course?

I had just recently finished my bachelor degree, majoring in Accounting, before joining MA AI; it was a huge shift! I was on a quest for new strategies for my family business in textiles when joining the course, but eventually ended up doing something totally different from my expectations.

In your experience, what was the best thing about the course?

Being regularly told to step out of my comfort zone was the best thing about my MA AI experience. Knowing that 'failure' never existed in our dictionary, I had the chance to challenge myself and step into the unknown.

I started the course with some background in accounting and textiles, but graduated with a project in dducation and photography. It’s been an amazing 11 month journey and I really succeeded in finding myself a life-long project that could benefit not only me but also one particular industry I have long wanted to improve – the education industry.

Did MA Applied Imagination change you and if so, how?

MA AI has taught me to see things from different perspectives and to truly experiment and connect with real clients rather than relying on my own assumptions, which for close to 100% of the time were wrong! In addition, since our cohort comprised students from all over the world, our project discussions always provided fascinating insights and different ways of perceiving. The journey enhanced my perseverance, and I gained new knowledge in fields that were unrelated to my profession.

Can you describe what your job is?

I assist the Managing Director when needed, and for the other part, I research new strategies and knowledge in various fields to see if there’s any chance for some unexpected mixes between different industries.

What do you most enjoy about your job?

I get to travel around quite frequently.

Does your experience of MA Applied Imagination help you in your work now?

Of course, and in every way. MA AI has provided me with tools to review and see each situation in a new light as well as facilitating me to seek ways to make each situation better.