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Dr Linda Aloysius

Associate Lecturer, Art Programme
Central Saint Martins
Person Type
Staff Teacher
Linda  Aloysius


I am a sculptor based in London. My work explores structures relating to marginalisation and exclusion and art as a healing structure. My current focus is on the absence of artistic heritage and contemporary representation for working class single mother artists, the question of how art can help to generate their equal inclusivity in the art world.

I hand-build a ‘New Model Army’ of figurative sculptures to represent this secret army of anonymised women, photographing them and filming them in the built environment and writing in relation to this process to create multi-layered ‘Fieldworks’ which illuminate potent gaps - or wounds -  in established art institutional frameworks and spaces for transformation. I recently completed New Model Army: Behind Tate Modern: Morphological Activism and Working-Class Single Mothers and New Model Army, Invisible Labour (2017-18).

My Practice-Led PhD at Goldsmiths (awarded 2018)  researched Luce Irigaray’s practices surrounding morphology and mimesis and the potential of women artists’ sculptural syntaxes for developing ‘morphological activism’: the creation of new, transformative relationships and patterns between different kinds of structures.

My art and research are presented in a variety of contexts internationally including with The Foundling Museum London (2020), LSE - in conjunction with Goldsmiths College and City University (2020), Tate Modern (2020), Credit-Suisse London (2019), Glasgow University in conjunction with Girlhood Gang (2019), MAAT Lisbon (2017), APT London (2018), V22 London (2016), Women’s Art Library, Goldsmiths (2016), Deptford Lounge (2015), Sir John Soanes’ Museum (2011), CCCB Barcelona (2009),  Art Village, Sabuk-Gohan, South Korea (2009) and more.

Publications include book chapters and articles in ‘Feminist Activisms and Artivisms’, Netherlands: Valiz, (2020), 'Feminist Review, Issue 120, Currents’ (2019), 'Museological Review, Issue 20: The Global Microphone’ (2016) and ‘Infallible, In Search of the Real George Eliot’, Article Press (2005).